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6 Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards with Kayak Seat for 2021

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

With 2020 behind us and enthusiasm for 2021, people are looking for ways to combine their love of nature and water while still maintaining social distancing. There is no better way than gliding on the water while standing on an inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. But what if you get tired? Yes you can sit down and rest and use your paddle for a few strokes but what if you could convert your paddle board using a kayak seat. You’d get more enjoyment on the water without wearing your legs out. This is right up my alley. As much as I enjoy paddle boarding standing up, I do get a little tired and want to sit down, rest and enjoy the surrounding beauty of nature. But I love the idea of both worlds… standing and sitting on a paddle board with the convenience of changing my mind on a whim or when my legs get tired. I have been looking into some of the most popular Inflatable Paddle Boards with an included Kayak seat so you have everything you need on your next paddle trip so don’t just pick either a paddle board or a kayak... go for a hybrid! Plus since the paddle boards are inflatable, they are easy to carry and store and generally need 10 minutes or less to pump up. No more renting needed at your local watering hole. Bring your own paddle board and launch while everyone else is standing in line. So in no particular order, here are the top 6 paddle boards that have conversion kits to Kayaking.

1. Freein Stand Up Paddle Board Inflatable SUP 10'/10'6 Long with Kayak Conversion

Current Amazon price Blue

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  • It easily and quickly converts from a Stand Up Paddle Board to a seated Kayak by clipping the seat to the preinstalled anchors, then swapping out the paddle handle for the second blade

  • Lightweight and portable at less than 25lbs when completely packed with all accessories into the backpack while the paddle board alone is only 18lbs and can easily be carried with the preinstalled handle.

  • Built as an all around board the 31” wide body provides balance, control and maneuverability while the top pad provides grip in wet conditions

  • Complete accessory kit including an Convertible Single/Dual Blade Floating Paddle, Double Action Hand Pump, Travel Backpack, 10’ coiled ankle leash, & Repair Kit

  • Size: 31" wide and 6" thick to provide balance, control, and maneuverability. Max Weight 257 lbs.

This is a good all around paddle board that is lightweight to carry, wide enough for added stability and long enough for short or tall people. However, if you are taller than 6ft you may want to consider a longer board of at least 10’6” for added stability.

2. FunWater Inflatable 10'x31''x6'' Stand UP Paddle Board Ultra-Light (17.6lbs)

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  • The FunWater paddle board is 10’ x 31’’ x 6’’(305 x 78x 15 cm), which can provide better stability and great for all skill levels. It can support up to 330 lbs.

  • Made of durable and skin-friendly PVC material with non-slip comfortable EVA, it easily converts from an ISUP to a Kayak.

  • Easy to store and carry: Ultra light 17.6 lbs, easy to inflate and deflate. Everything can be folded up and put in the included backpack and transported anywhere

  • Kit Includes: Adjustable paddles, backpack, high pressure pump, kayak seat, 3 removable fins, leash, repair kit, and waterproof phone case.

  • The paddle does float which is important if you accidentally drop the paddle in the water.

  • Warranty includes No risk returns within 30 days+ 60 day guarantee +1 year manufacturer warranty.

Some Cons customers have reported in the past include the pump only working on the downstroke and that the seat is less sturdy than some would like. But overall, the vast majority of people overwhelmingly loved this paddle board. It is one of the lightest on the market to carry which is a big plus!

3. Aquaplanet Rockit BLU Travel SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Kit with Kayak seat

Current Amazon price

  • Entire kit in the bag weighs only 22 lbs.

  • The Paddle Board is easy to maneuver on the water

  • It has the benefit of being both rugged and stable

  • It has a very useful carry sack on the back of the Kayak seat to hold your stuff

  • Size: 10’2” x 31”x 4” (3.10mx 0.79m x 0.10m)

The Aquaplanet Rockit has the added benefit of ultra tough drop stitch construction, thick surface laminate material allowing for high PSI inflation, traction pads for grip so your feet will not slip, triple fins for speed and a large detachable central fin for stability. The paddle board is compact and lightweight that doubles as a kayak, so you get to enjoy both styles of paddling! Bonus: The 5 litre waterproof kit bag can be used for all your accessories and clothing while you are on the water. You can store it in the bungee handle at the front of the board for easy access.

4. Zupapa Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 2020 Upgrade

Current Amazon price

  • This Zupapa inflatable stand up paddle board is the 2020 upgrade that now carries up to 350 lbs. It has 2 layers of military grade PVC which protects the inner Drop Stitch Construction. Since it can easily support 350 lbs, you can paddle with your kids or dogs!

  • Full Anti-Skid EVA on the Deck: Zupapa paddleboards all are full of EVA. So whether you do yoga or bring kids or dogs, full anti-skid EVA on the deck will make you and them much safer.

  • The included kayak seat, a removable foot rest and two way paddle make you feel that you are using a kayak. The three removable fins help you enjoy your paddling whether you are in shallow water or deep water.

  • Paddling Accessories included are: Paddle Board, Kayak Seat, Removable Foot Rest, Floatable 4-Piece Paddle Kayak Convertible Paddle, Paddle Holder, 3 Removable Fins, 1 Dual Action Hi-Pressure Pump, 1 Shoulder Strap, Coil Leash, 1 Repair Kit, and Backpack.

  • 3 YEAR Warranty: For any damage that happens in 3 years call the company. Many past customers give kudos for great customer service.

  • 2 Sizes: 10’ x 30” x 6” or 11’ x 32” x 6”

The anti-skid EVA is a great non skid surface that covers much of the board so if you like to bring your kids or dogs they have the whole board to sit on and won’t slide off. The width and 6” height add extra stability as well. It does have D rings that not only hold your kayak seat when you’re ready to use it but they can also hold your paddle with an additional clip (not included). Customers report the paddle does float when put together however one person noted that the middle section did not float when she dropped it in the lake so make sure you don’t drop your individual pieces.

5. South Bay Board Company Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Aqua Discover

Current Amazon price

  • Size: This premium ISUP is 10’6 x 32” x 6” is an extremely stable & durable design which is great for all skill levels, the 11’6 Aqua Discover Inflatable Paddle Board easily supports up to 350lbs (It also comes in 11’6” and up to 400 lbs). This 10’6 Aqua Discover is the ultimate Inflatable Paddle Board package for epic Fishing, Exploring, and Aquatic Traveling.

  • All 10’6 Aqua Discover Inflatable Paddle Boards are custom made with long lasting & light weight, Military Grade dual layer PVC material + High Density Drop-Stitch Core creating a stiff and easy to paddle Inflatable SUP, 2+1 Fin Box System, Durable & a Thick XXL Wheeled Carrying Bag with extra room so it’s easy to transport!

  • Bonus Features: ‘Fingerprint’ textured IXPE top deck for extreme grip and comfort during long paddle and fishing sessions, (3) Pre-Installed Fishing Mount Plates + (2) Fishing Rod holding mounts, thick carry handles on center of board, nose, & tail for easier transportation, Bungee Straps on nose & tail of the top deck for extra on deck storage of equipment and Pre-Installed D-Rings for included kayak seat. Wow! Now that is a full package!

  • What’s Included: All 10’6 Aqua Discover Inflatable SUP Paddle Boards include the Premium Fishing ISUP Package: ISUP, 2+1 FCS Paddle Board Fin Set, 9” SUP Fin, Coiled SUP Leash, 4 Piece SUP Kayak Paddle, Pre-Installed Bungee Straps, ISUP High Capacity Hand Pump, ISUP Patch Repair Kit & ISUP Carrying Backpack With Wheels, Pre-Installed D-Rings, Kayak Seat, ISUP Cooler, Waterproof Fanny Pack , (3) Pre-Installed Fishing Mount Plates and (2) Fishing Rod Holders.

  • The Paddle board is USA Designed and offers a risk free return: 30 day guarantee and 1 year warranty on all their ISUPs. It is a local California based company with local American Family Friendly customer service.

Ok so this is way more than just an inflatable paddle board with a kayak seat! I just had to include this amazing paddle board because it has accessories that blow you away if you also love to fish! On a side note, the ISUP needs to be significantly inflated before the psi gauge will begin to register the pressure so don’t give up pumping too soon if you don’t see the gauge move much. Also one customer reported that the fin is screwed in and does require a tool for removal and should be removed when deflated to fit back into the wheeling carry bag. It also is one of the only boards that has both front and back bungees to carry extra stuff with you and weighs 34 lbs all together in the wheeled bag.

6. Blue Water Toys 10’ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board/Kayak and SUP

Current Amazon price

  • This lightweight multifunction design allows you to easily convert your Stand-Up Paddle Board into a one-person Kayak. The kayak seat includes a zip up backpack on the back of the seat and is larger, wider, and more durable than others. It attaches to the side of the board giving you extra support and maximum movement. The 9 D-rings are great for attaching your belongings like a water bottle or a dry bag. Although it is lightweight and portable, it is designed to give you the sturdiness of a hardboard with the convenience and quality of an inflatable board.

  • Made with Military Grade 1000 Denier Drop stitch material technology will give you the feeling of a hard board.

  • Size: 10’ long x 32” wide x 6” thick SUP/Kayak, adjustable sup paddle that floats and turns into a kayak paddle, detachable adjustable kayak seat, detachable foot rest, travel backpack, coil leash, 2-way high pressure pump, and detachable third fin. Weighs only 20 lbs. Max weight recommended for best performance is 300 lbs.

  • Blue Water Toys is a family run USA based company with USA based customer service. They offer a full 1-year warranty on this paddleboard.

This is a great all around inflatable Stand Up Paddle board and the Kayak seat with the included footrest easily attach and detach making it easy to transform your SUP into a one-person kayak. It includes a 3-fin system for superior tracking on flat water. Because the pump is a 2 way pressure pump it easily inflates so you can enjoy anywhere and easily deflates for convenient storage everywhere. It has the added advantage of using military top-grade PVC material and drop stitch technology giving it extra strength that enhances stability, and improves the quality. It is a popular board with people, kids and dogs a like with no damage from pet nails. People report feeling really sturdy on it. Some have reported excellent customer service when they needed it.

Things to consider before Buying

Now that you got excited about some of the great choices for ISUPs that can convert to a Kayak, you may want to consider a few things before you buy one.

  • Weight of the Board and Bag Combined: Most of the Paddle boards are light weight however when you add all the accessories up that weight adds up. If you’re only walking a short distance, any of the paddle boards could fit your needs, however if you are walking /hiking a further distance to your favorite watering hole, you may want to be prepared to carry your gear that distance or find a friend to help!

  • Price Range: This is an important factor in anything we buy and paddle boards are no exception. Some paddle boards are pricier than others with the added features and benefits you may or may not need. All will do well on the water and make your experience enjoyable.

  • Max Weight of paddle board you need: If you plan to paddle board by yourself or with a small child, the above paddle boards will do just fine. However, a paddle board that has increased weight capacity can naturally hold more whether that’s 1-2 adults, child, dog or just more gear.

  • Length of the board: A longer and wider board provides more stability on the water and more room for Fido or gear.

  • Features: Each of the boards have some unique features that you might love on your next voyage so decide what’s most important to you and your wallet.

  • Materials used: How well the paddle board is made will determine the longevity of your board, comfort, whether or not it’s UV resistive and may be a tad more expensive as a result.

  • “The Look”: Let’s be honest, we all want our paddle boards to not only ride well, be comfortable but to look good as well. Buy a paddle board that has the design and colors you love that will make you happy and proud to show it off on the water.

  • Variety of Accessories included: When planning your paddle board adventures, consider the accessories you’ll need to make the trip more enjoyable, the type and comfort of the seat, the oar (you definitely want it to float), the pump (dual action pumps on the up & downstroke), travel bag and other accessories like repair kit, gauge and bungees with D ring attachments that can allow you to bring more gear on your board.

Although paddle boards can range in price from cost effective to more expensive, it doesn’t mean they are not durable and stable enough for your next paddle boarding trip. You may not need the “extras” that some provide but you can still have a wonderful time.

Paddle boarding is a fun adventure on the water that you can share with family, friends or your dog. It’s a great way to enjoy nature and take a break from modern day life. So whichever paddle board you decide on, it will be a good choice and you will have a wonderful time on the water. If you’re like me, you’ll lose track of the time and will start planning your next venture out. Happy Paddling Paddle Team!


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