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What is PaddleBoarding?

Unlike Surfing, you don't need to live near the ocean or catch a wave to Paddleboard. Most people don't live near the coast like I do here in Florida. The beauty of Paddleboarding is it can be done on a lake, river or ocean and requires no wind. In fact, calm flat water is best for beginners.

Another reason paddleboarding is popular is that it offers a full body workout with emphasis on improving your core, upper body strengthening, cardio fitness, balance and flexibility with virtually no impact on your joints. It's great for all ages at any fitness level to try. Plus how cool is it to be gliding on the water enjoying nature at its finest!

There are many places across the US and around the world you can paddleboard with certified instructors who can recommend the right size paddleboard and paddle for your height and weight. Many have a leash attached to your ankle so if you fall off the board, it's easily retrieved. Safety is always important so plan to wear a life jacket.

For more information on SUP Paddleboarding, check out this article --Paddleboarding for Beginners.

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